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Benefits of SWAT Trucks for customers!

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INKAS ® Armored Vehicle Production supplies heavy-quality SWAT trucks and vans to law enforcement, border security and private security organizations to carry armored personnel like special Weapons and S tactical police teams and Tactics Teams (SWAT).

swat trucks

With extensive knowledge of the industry, INKAS ® has developed a different mixture of components, as well as technologies to nicer, equip SWAT trucks with improve their applicability in different environments or scenarios. In the face of evolving threats, such SWAT vehicles give robust comprehensive solutions. SWAT trucks were specifically designed to tactical and emergency services teams or INKAS ® also provides vehicle alternatives for chemical attack security, fire or even drone detection, remote weapon control, smoke screen systems, signal jamming, or riot control and monitoring.

Every manufactured vehicle prescribes the highest level of intelligent design, great manufacturing, and reliable quality control. INKAS ® constructs custom SWAT vehicles with such a wide variety of configurations as well as applicability to meet customer requirements such as vehicle size, seating capacity, power, technological advances and multiple armor choices based on the level of protection required.

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INKAS ® armored SUVs provide an unacceptable level of automotive safety flexibility. With recognized brands and predefined choices, INKAS ® can offer a truly customized experience from its armored SUV lineup. In addition, nearly any SUV can also be armored and equipped to custom features as well as functionalities. INKAS ® is able to make sure the reliability, safety or performance of all its armored vehicles to coming years by using industry-leading components and strict quality assurance standards. The Armored SUVs are designed and produced to provide security from various kinds of attacks to their passengers. Recently, these types of cars were primarily used in law enforcement applications, but that they have evolved into a very reasonable option to anyone interested in acquiring higher levels of car safety and armor.

INKAS ® armored sedans give luxury for individuals. With little or no discerning variations on a vehicle’s exterior, only those who have to know will understand this is a bulletproof car. Such vehicles were equipped with the necessary security to maintain fire from rifles, handguns and various grenade assaults with daily use in mind. Know that you might maintain the comfort and luxury that you have become accustomed to, so add an unparalleled level of protection in the industry. Use higher precision-cut parts from INKAS ® or even developed ballistic technology, the shape is not sacrificed to function, or vice versa – INKAS ® Bullet proof Cars really are the best.


INKAS ® armored limousines were capable of transporting multiple people with maximum safety against attacks of varying degrees. With several available configurations or vehicle sizes, a need is sure to be addressed. In each construction, INKAS ® Armored Vehicle Production uses a high-quality, certified as well as sector-standard materials to guarantee the safety, longevity or reliability of any vehicle leaving its facilities. Mechanized limousines,    buses, and vans are equipped with all of the functionalities enjoyed by an armored vehicle. With the additional flexibility of having to carry in the upmost comfort a large number of people, armored limousines, as well as buses, are a great option.


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