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Interesting Facts About Right-Hand And Left-Hand Driving

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Traveling to different countries is fun and exciting. The experience of getting to know people from around the world, enjoying the unique and delicious food, getting to know about different cultures while watching the fabulous views of different countries is unbeatable.

A thing which we notice when we visit some other country is the side of the road at which they drive.

Imagine you live in a country where people drive on the right side of the road. But, you are going to visit a country where people drive on the opposite side. Won’t you get confused while driving in the other country if you go for car rentals in Toronto? Just because you have on the right-hand side of the road, the process of driving becomes a challenging task. You need to be very careful while driving when you go for car rentals in Toronto.

Have you ever given a thought to the reason behind this existence of right-hand and left-hand driving? Let us turn the pages of history and get to know about the reasons.

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What is left-hand and right-hand driving?

Before starting, let us know the meaning of the terms first. Right-hand driving refers to the presence of steering wheel at the right-hand side of the car which implies that the driver drives on the road’s left side. On the other hand, left-hand driving has the steering wheel at the left-hand side of the car and the right side of the road is used by the driver.

Now, that you know the meaning of the terms, let us take a leap forwards and explore the reasons behind this system before you go for car rentals in Toronto.

#1 the left of the road was used by horseman during the time of English Feudalism.

The Knights used to ride on the left of the road during the medieval period so that it becomes easy to swing the swords and get to the opponent. Also, it is easier for the knights to mount and dismount from the horse’s right side.

#2 Napoleon Bonaparte forced the nations which he had conquered to ride on the road’s right side

Napoleon was left. Thus, at the time of the French revolution, Napoleon forced the people to ride on the right side so that he can attack his enemies with his sword in his left hand.

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#3 right-hand driving was adopted by some nations during the time of British colonization

Around the time of the 1800s, the British imposed right-hand driving in their colonies and the rule continues to eminent in the current time. However, there are other countries that were not a part of the British colonies but they still drive on the left.

#4 Ford Model T of Henry had the steering wheel on the left side

The steering wheel in the Model T of Ford was on the left side. Thus, the Americans adopted the left-hand system of driving and considered it to be more practical and convenient.

#5 Philippines drives on the left- why?

Several transitions in the system of driving took place as the possession of the Philippines changed with time. Finally, in 1945, the president issued an order which asked the people to drive on the left side.

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