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What Are The Different Types Of Blinds For Windows?

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Window Blinds are a very important part of a home. It refers to Shades and Blinds both. Window blinds in Toronto are used in form of drapery, curtains as well as act as functional and decorative items. Though there is a wide range of choices for cotton fabrics, people in Toronto prefer window blinds, as it provides a raw Vibe. Let us look at the variety of Blinds Toronto which are available.  

What are the different types of Blinds Toronto?

  1. Vertical blinds

They are the ones which have individual slats which Run from the top to the bottom. This is a very popular choice for people who have bigger windows and doors. Though it can be used for smaller windows as well. Sometimes they are parted in the middle.

  1. Roller blinds

They are the most fuss-free, which are made with heavy materials. These Roller Blinds are usually presented with a manual pull system, in which the roller rolls up automatically with a slight pull.

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  1. Venetian Blinds

In this kind of blind, there are stripes of cloth, called tape attached to the bottom of the slat. Sometimes it gets difficult to clean, this kind of Windows as there is an accumulation of dust on the tapes. These have horizontal slats and are usually considered to be too flimsy. This is also controlled by a chain Pulley system.

  1. Mini and micro blinds

In this, the slats are usually one inch thick. These are considered to be the smaller versions of horizontal blinds. They work well for homes and offices.

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  1. Panel blinds

People, with large doors and windows, prefer panel blinds. In this, the panel section moves along a track which makes it easier to open and close. This allows a lot of sun rays to enter the room, if you go for a basement renovation, try opting for panel blinds.

  1. Dual function Blinds

Dual functional blinds allow soft natural light, as it has translucent panels. The only negative aspect of dual functional Blinds is the cost, as it is extremely expensive.

A pro tip is that before purchasing Blinds Toronto, measure the size and decide how much of the window is to be covered. Also ensure that what kind of Window do you want and how much sound insulation, natural light it and design do you want for your home.


If you are buying Blinds Toronto, there are a few things which must be kept in mind. As Windows is considered to be the focal point of the room, the Blinds and the shapes should be functional and also look good. On what type of Blinds you choose, a lot of factors will be influenced. There are few things which need to be kept in mind like the light, and insulation which you want in the room. If the windows have a lot of direct sunlight coming you may go for dark colored window blinds. You have to decide your personal decorative style, that goes with the room. The texture should match your living room, discover what you like, patterns, subtle textures or bold colors.


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